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» Hey
Blogs. EmptySun Sep 26, 2010 1:28 pm by Alyssa

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  • 20110305
     Global announcement:
    Wonder what killed this site... Just a couple months ago it thived, but now it is just like a memorial. Nobody seems to get on here anymore. It's such a shame to see such a great bunch of people disappear. You guys were some of my only freinds, other than the small handful of three true friends I have irl. :cry:

    by domos123 - Comments: 8 - Views: 32
  • 20100116
    Just remember to follow the KoS rules. Only one topic per member. Only post about yourself. Random posts will be considered spam.

    by Paint - Comments: 0 - Views: 266
  • 20100420
    Yiggity diggity yo dawg- I'm just being gangster.

    Wassup! Hmf. Well- Yeah, I'm Tyler. Hey(:


    Win. I love that guy.

    Well- Me am bored. Reply it. :D

    by JT(: - Comments: 18 - Views: 458
  • 20100418
    Hey. Hey. You're love. You're love. You're love. Is my drug. I like you're beard.

    Why am I a slave? xD

    Um. Yeah.

    Kayla - Read your PM's more often.

    Ellen - I like your beard.

    Painto - Hey!

    Jordo - There IS a beard. You can't see it because you live in the un-magical islands of Jordiscopia. It's total magic, you twit. I control part of Europe, too. SO STICK THAT IN YOUR JUICE BOX AND SUCK IT! Wow that was totally out of character.

    Ok. I am mad. (Not really, I just have a complaint). Well, it's ALL JT's fault. He made...

    by Luke - Comments: 85 - Views: 1583
  • 20100409
    I just found a pretty damn hilarious serious by the guy who made Salad Fingers!
    It's called the Gay Adventures of Burnt Face Man

    Click here to see it bigger

    by domos123 - Comments: 14 - Views: 453
  • 20100225
    HAHA! That sounds like bong! Michael Phelps has one of those!!! TEEHEHE! UMRHR>. My kitteh's havving dittehs. kitthe.s.

    Bye. HOUSE ARESST?REST? HOUSE ARREST??? WHAT! She's a cop and she's not aloud to get up in the games! Idiot.

    Okay, so my kitteh had kittehns like, 4 WEEKS AGOOOOO! WHOOOOO! And they're the cutest little things ever! 6 cutie pies! We have ummmm.


    Little Deyka

    Tobias Gibson (Toby)

    Nala (Simba's girlfriend from the Lion King)

    Udarih! Or Udarhi, I don't know. Some foreign language for camel. Dad's...

    by dirtydan - Comments: 22 - Views: 675
  • 20100121
    Hi Guys I'm JashPatel! I'm A Huge Millsberry Fan and Sports Fan I'm Hindu I believe In God A Lot! I Have Done Some very Stupid Things In Life. I'm Sure It Will Not Happen Again I Play Millsberry For Fun Not For Cheating,Hacking,Scamming I DO Not Do That. I'm 16 years Old I Do Want To Attend The University Of Florida......... I AM A Jaguars and Gators Fan For Ever. I Would Like To Accomplish A Lot OF Things In My Life. Such As Becoming A Mod Here Texting Is The Thing Im Good At. I Love To help Anybody Im You need Advice Or Anything Feel Free To Drop Me A Pm!


    by JashPatel - Comments: 10 - Views: 322
  • 20100117
    I am Alyssa. There are a lot of things that you might or might not want to know about me. Here they are:

    • I love drawing/sketching.
    • I love forums.
    • I hate it when people say your name until you answer them.
    • I like smiley faces!! =]
    • I am a very random person. You just have to get to know me.
    • I think Paint is very annoying. XD ~ Paint: I fix your post and that's what I get. -.-' xDDD :P

    Here is...

    by Alyssa - Comments: 11 - Views: 314
  • 20100117
    "Is when you think Tim Mcgraw, I hope you think my favorite song. " ~Taylor Swift "Tim Mcgraw"

    I love that song. When I hear it, I feel a bit sad, but calm and determined.

    You know, I've come to learn a secret. One that'll probably change things. I've learned the strongness of friendship too. A group of friends is the strongest when they're together. You know who you are. I hope I helped...

    by Guest - Comments: 22 - Views: 474
  • 20100117
    Hi, I'm Aaron.
    These are the ways to NOT get on my good side:
    1: Misspell my name excessively.
    2: Make fun of gays. (I'll ban anybody immediately at the sight of this.)
    3: Try to get me mad (Just face it, you can't get me angry stop trying.)
    4: Act like I'm your best friend. If I think you're my best friend, I'll say so.
    5: DON'T RUSH ME. I can't think of any situations right now, but if I said I would do something for you, I WILL do it. Just don't rush me.

    Yeah, that's me.
    Let's blog now!

    Alright, so, where should I start?
    Right now...

    by pinhead larry - Comments: 10 - Views: 417
  • 20100116

    Go die. Kthnxbai.


    Watch this video:

    THAT VIDEO IS FREAKING DISTURBING. Kinda like that show Courage the Cowardly Dog. I USED TO LOVE THAT SHOW. But then I grew up.

    NOW. watch THIS one:

    by Kylers - Comments: 51 - Views: 2645
  • 20100116
    HELLO!!!!!!!!! ims Roman!!!!! okays ill stop yellings ats you now:).
    Well about me: I love drawing, Drums, Computugh, ands lotsa other things.
    My favorites T.V show of all times is Metalocalypse!!!! i lughve that show soz much. Ills makes updates heres and theres with recent things that are happenings ins my Awesughm life:).

    So today i went back to school. I wasnt to excited but.. nah i wasnt excited at all. well anyway today in 7th period. My teacher said she was gonna sing a poem for us. I was excited cause i knew it was gonna be hilariousXD. So she sang...

    by Roman's - Comments: 91 - Views: 1052
  • 20100116
    What is this...the..3rd job switch now? Laughing

    I would probably say TGIF but it's not Friday so I'll say TGIS :P Again, you all know that Aelita and I switched jobs so don't ask us.
    I managed to set my preferences so people can email me now.....except for those bots! :D TAKE THAT YOU SPAMMERS.

    by Guest - Comments: 37 - Views: 775

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