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Read this. These are THE KoS RULES.

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Read this. These are THE KoS RULES. Empty Read this. These are THE KoS RULES.

Post by Kylers on Sat Jan 16, 2010 11:14 am

Read before posting. (okay, I'm happier now.) If you don't read these, but you post. I'll throw a rock at your window.

1. No spamming
This means that you should never post anything that doesn't make any type of sense. Like this: aeohgheih!!!! Unless you come up with a meaning for it. I don't tolerate one word posts that don't add anything to the conversation. If you're just posting to get more posts, then stop. If you're posting to actually have a conversation about something, even if it's not totally on topic, now that's fine. I like to see where conversations go as they progress.

2: Please post things in the right sections
You will not get warnings for posting things in the wrong section, but, it'd be nice if you did.

3. No flaming/Popularity Contests.
Please don't argue with anyone, or even be rude to them, and DO NOT be rude to the staff. If you back-talk with a staff member, you WILL get a warning.

4. Don't triple post
Don't post three times in a row, in other words, wait until someone posts after you, then you can post again. Double posting is only okay if you wait a semi-long period of time, or if both posts are important.

Seriously, If you cyber, you're banned. This includes bullying, which is mean.

6. Don't post inappropriate pictures/langauge
Don't post adult materials, or anything that is considered offensive. Like calling people a cuss word. Unless they really are that cuss word, in which case, wow.

7. No Hacking/Cheating Discussion

8. NO TALKING ABOUT CLONING IN MILLSBERRY. If you even SAY the word 'clone,' I WILL ban you.

9. Don't not ask to be a Moderator or an Administrator.
If you do ask,you will lose your chances on becoming one.

10. These forums are copyrighted!
If you steal anything or any idea,you will be asked kindly to remove them
at first, but if you don't respond/remove it,we will need to contact
the Administrator of the Forumotion Boards, or if that does not work we will have to contact third parties to issue the removal of the copyright infringement.

11. Warnings:
If you get 4 warnings then you will be banned for 3 days.

These awesome rules were written by Aaron!
Kings of Sybarite- Pirate

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Read this. These are THE KoS RULES. Empty Re: Read this. These are THE KoS RULES.

Post by pinhead larry on Sat Jan 16, 2010 12:05 pm

Yeah! whoo!
pinhead larry
pinhead larry

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