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Code Lyoko RP. Empty Code Lyoko RP.

Post by Paint on Tue Jan 26, 2010 12:14 pm

The RP continues from the point where I am enrolled into Kadic Academy. Jeremy, after, will activate the supercomputer, thus allowing the mark (Xana) to be at full power.

The Incident:

It was a normal day at school. Alan was flipping his pencil with two fingers as the teacher rambled on about computer safety rules. Everyone else was either half-asleep or playing around with the computer. Out of boredom, Alan decides to go play checkers. He attempts to use a proxy, but the computer goes black. A red eye appears as Alan is startled. The teacher comes to see what he is doing and the eye vanishes. The teacher asks, "Alan, did you hear what I just said?" Alan replies in a sweet and sarcastic voice, "Of course. You were explaining the assignment that was due next week. After that, you started on the use and safety regulations of using the school computers." The teacher bought it and continued to ramble on the safety regulations and use of the school computers. Alan sighed in relief and checked the time. The bell then rang and Alan hurried to his next class. He had math and then he could go home. He then noticed a dark mist on the floor. He stopped and stared at it. It suddenly filled the room as people began to evacuate. Alan heard announcements, however he ignored them and he quickly got a broken pole from the ground. He held it in preparation for any attacks. He suddenly saw the same eye in the form of mist and everything went black. He felt stronger as he lost control. He vanished and appeared by a computer. The screen had the same eye. He attempted to break of Xana's control. He failed and he kept trying. Soon he managed to break out of Xana's control as the mark appeared before him. It soon faded away. The computer's mark remained. Alan attempted to open task manager, but the mark then glowed. He felt as if was being shocked by electricity as the mist returned, but it soon vanished as Alan was panting. He felt his heart beating loudly as he was out of breath. He soon fell unconscious, waking up at a hospital. He heard doctors whispering. He noticed a close-by computer. The mark reappeared as Alan reacted. The mark soon vanished as the doctors noticed Alan moving. The doctor said, "How are you moving? You should have been out for a couple of days." Alan replied, "I feel fine. A bit stronger actually. Where is the closest computer that I can access?" The doctor answered, "I see. It must be that sudden immunity your body has developed. It looks like you're in good shape." "Where is the closest computer?" Alan asked again. The doctor replied, "I'll have a nurse bring you a laptop. Just relax for now." Alan nodded and thanked the doctor. He soon got a laptop brought to him. Alan sat straight up on the infirmary bed as he took the computer. He felt a harmless shock as he saw the nurse leave as the mark reappeared. Alan saw a panel appear. The top read, "Lyoko." He saw a database titled, "Monsters" and he noticed a sphere glowing. He saw a group of sectors. Soon the mark reappeared and Paint felt the harmless shock again. He saw a mist form in front of him. He was about to react as it soon backed away. It vanished again and the computer shut down. Alan felt weaker as he turned the computer on. He went to Mozilla Firefox and googled "Lyoko." Nothing came up. He soon fell unconscious. A nurse came in to check on him and heard his heart beating rapidly. She called the doctor who rushed in to analyze Alan. He took a blood sample from him and after an hour he counted an increased amount of white blood cells, red blood cells, and a faster heartbeat. "The immunity is reacting to something. Could it be the computer? That's the only variable change ever since he woke up." The doctor said to the nurse. He went to get the laptop as Alan suddenly awoke. The doctor yelled in pain as a shock traveled in his body. The nurse felt it too as they both fell unconscious. Alan woke up seeing his hands flowing with electricity. He was then startled by a mark he recognized on his hand. He wanted it gone as it suddenly vanished at his will. Alan tried to calm down as his heartbeat returned to normal. He was at the principal's office next morning. The principal yelled, "That's it, Alan. This is the fifth time already you've been on school premises, after a large incident. The only thing I can do is to expel you." Alan retorted, "What? I didn't do anything!" "Then what were you doing at the time of the gas release?" The principal asked. Alan replied, "I was on my way to class when I heard the announcements. I saw this mark glowing on the computer screen before the incident and then I felt possessed. That's why I was in the hospital." "That's ridiculous." The principal said. "I was possessed! How did I paralyze the medical staff yesterday with my hands?! How did access some panel with the same mark? How did I manage to stop that gas leak?!" Alan retorted. Everything soon froze. Before Alan could realize it, he was at Kadic Academy. He was expelled from his old school for things he did not do, and he had to go to this school as a result. Alan thought, "Something's not right. It was that mark. It had to be. I'm not at fault. Something happened to me that day, and I will find out." Alan walked to the room he was giving by the kind principal. So far, he had the room to himself. He soon got everything set-up. He was about to go to sleep, ready for his first day of school at Kadic Academy. He stared at the computer that he had set-up. He bought the latest technology: A super fast connection, a large RAM, etc. He then saw a mark appear onto the computer. He rubbed his eyes and it vanished. Alan ignored it and went to sleep. He had a long day ahead of him.


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